Welcome to MacNab St. Presbyterian Church

The congregation of MacNab has been worshipping and serving in the downtown heart of Hamilton for over 160 years. We are a vibrant, multicultural congregation drawn from across the greater Hamilton area.

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It is with tremendous sadness that we have learned of the additional discovery of hundreds of unmarked graves of Indigenous children at the site of a former residential school in Saskatchewan. While we join with the indigenous community in prayer and mourning, to stand and say that #IndigenousLivesMatter, we must also take action. As a community of faith, it is part of what we are called by Christ to do; to take steps, however small, toward helping others. To serve in love, and offer empathy and compassion. Words alone are not enough. Tears are not enough.
To learn more, visit the Woodland Cultural Centre https://woodlandculturalcentre.ca/every-child-matters/


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Mission Statement

“We acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Through God’s love we are committed to care for one another, and by God’s grace be equipped to serve our community and the world.” – Jan 2006

Statement of Inclusion

“God’s love includes everyone. We honour and affirm our differences, unified in our belief in Jesus Christ, and honouring his love in all things” – June 2019

The above is an abbreviated version of the full Statement of Inclusion