The magnificent stained glass windows of MacNab Street Presbyterian church were designed and produced by Edinburgh artists, William Wilson and James Ballantine & Son, who used techniques and decorative conventions found in the finest European cathedrals. The windows depict in rich colours the life of Christ, and are considered the finest example of Scottish stained glass in Canada. The first window was installed in 1935, the eighth and last window in 1971.

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(The numbers & letters in the diagram refer to the position in the building)

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 1. Presentation in the Temple / Flight Into Egypt
2. Christ in the Temple / Carpenter’s Shop
3. Baptism of Jesus / Temptation on the Mountain
4. Miracle at Cana / Healing the Sick
*. The Last Supper / Agony at Gethsemane
(Chancel Window over Communion Table)

5. Crucifixion / John and Mary at Calvary
6. Descent from the Cross / Entombment
7. Angel and Women at Sepulchre / The Risen Lord
8. Ascension / Sending Out Disciples
A. Artist’s Palette
B. Holy Spirit as a Dove Descending
C. Trumpet as Symbol of the Musical Muse
D. Burning Bush Circular Window
M. Call to Service / Soldiers’ Memorial Window