Ministers of MacNab

Term             Name                                  

1855-1872    David Inglis DD
1872-1905    Donald H. Fletcher DD
1905-1946    H. Beverley Ketchen DD
1946-1957    R. Forbes Thomson MA DD
1958-1966    D. Glen Campbell BA BD ThM
1966-1993    John A. Johnston ThM PhD DD
1994-1996    Brian R. Weatherdon BA MA MDiv
1997-2006    J. Mark Lewis BA MDiv
2009-2012    Thomas J. Kay
2012-2015    Robert Geddes (Interim Moderator)
2013-2015    Cathy Stewart (Interim Minister)
2015-             Steven Norman Baldry BTh MDiv MTh (Steve’s appointment was approved by the Hamilton Presbytery on July 15, 2015, he started his ministry on September 8 and was inducted on Sunday, September 13, 2015 @ 3:00pm at MacNab.)